Tuesday, April 21, 2009

good day. good day.

long came home for his lunch today...(fyi)he only gets a 30 minute lunch break for the TWELVE (12) YES twelve hours he works. thats just crazy. anywho he came home so i snapped a picture of my 2 favorite men in the whole world. i love when they are together. it almost seems as if creed is reaching for daddy when he comes home. i looooooove it!

on another note...we also had an american idol party tonight...i dont even like watching it anymore because my favorite GAL went home (the megan JOY)..frown. BUT i watch it anyways because its an excuse to see my beautiful mother..as if i dont see her everyday anyways. great fun. pizza. soda. ranch. fat. singing. simon. paulas goofy ace...and lots-OH-fun.

good day good day.

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